Golden crypt of Padre Pio: mosaics of the life of Jesus




Jesus in the Garden





Jesus on the Cross





Veronica with the veil





Jesus with the adulteress




Jesus with the leper




Jesus with the leper




Jesus in Jerusalem





Jesus chasing the merchants from the temple





Two disciples of John the Baptist





John the Baptist





Jesus tempted by the devil




Jesus among the doctors in the synagogue





Jesus expelled from the synagogue





Fleeing to Egypt




Jesus after the Resurrection, in the Cenacle with the Apostles. Thomas examines the wounds.




The three young men in the furnace





Jesus with Lazarus, Martha, and Mary in Bethany





Jesus crucified




The Nativity




The Crucifixion



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Close Encounters of the Special Kind with PADRE PIO: hallways, backyard; around the world, ecstasies; Purgatory, Guardian Angel, devil; Americans; confessional, baptisms, first Communions, weddings;  Virgin Mary, Rosary; Wounds; Mass; himself, God, Jesus, Cross, Christmas, Church; spiritual children, meditation, prayer, Prayer Groups; child, novice, priest, soldier, fevers; first inquisition, Saint Mary of the Graces, Home for the Relief of Suffering (Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza); the most famous picture, children, blessings, at the ballots downtown, eating; second inquisition, last ten years, death; the Capuchin friars; entombed in first resting place, blessed, saint, exhumed, displayed, final resting place in golden crypt; mosaics of the life of Padre Pio, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi; fists class relics with certificates; original painting, original icon.