The original convent and church of Saint Mary of the Graces

  The convent and church of Saint Mary of the Graces in San Giovanni Rotondo when Padre Pio moved in in 1916.
      The outside of the church.
      The inside of the church.  
    Old sacristy              
The women were allowed in the old sacristy to meet Padre Pio passing by. 

   In the old sacristy are preserved liturgical objects used by Padre Pio.                               The corridor   
   Padre Pio's room                                  
  The choir were he received the Wounds
  Padre Pio celebrated Mass at the main altar or at the altar of St. Francis. The church was small and the faithful were plenty. When the new church of St. Mary of the Graces was built Padre Pio celebrate there everyday. In special festivities the Mass was solemn, with deacon and sub deacon, singing choir and incense.

   Padre Pio at Christmas, on Ash Wednesday, during the holy week ,  and vespers with use of the monstrance.
  Christmas                      Ash Wednesday      Holy Thursday                                                      
 Good Friday                        Vespers          
    Padre Pio always confessed the women in the confessional located on the left side of the old church. Reservations were needed. Strict dress code applied. The confessional has been preserved.
                  reservations and rules             The men confessed always in the old sacristy      There was just a chair and a  kneeler.  
There were reservations and rules for them too.   
   "La finestrella". At noon Padre Pio used to appear at the window of the choir, just above the entrance of the old church. He prayed "The Angel of God" with the faithful, and than waived to them with the white enormous old fashioned handkerchief.
  Some facial expressions of Padre Pio



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