Golden crypt of Padre Pio: mosaics of the life of St. Francis of Assisi




An angel plays music for St. Francis




St. Francis and St. Claire




St. Francis with Saladin




St. Francis transforms water in wine



St. Francis, his friars, and the chariot of fire




St. Francis brings bread to a fasting friar




St. Francis sends the friars preaching




St. Francis tempted by the devil



St. Francis at the entrance of St. Michael's shrine



St. Francis at St. Damian's church



St. Francis renounces to his possessions



St. Francis embraces the leper




The Baptism of St. Francis


           Padre Pio's relics authenticated, with certificates     


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Close Encounters of the Special Kind with PADRE PIO: hallways, backyard; around the world, ecstasies; Purgatory, Guardian Angel, devil; Americans; confessional, baptisms, first Communions, weddings;  Virgin Mary, Rosary; Wounds; Mass; himself, God, Jesus, Cross, Christmas, Church; spiritual children, meditation, prayer, Prayer Groups; child, novice, priest, soldier, fevers; first inquisition, Saint Mary of the Graces, Home for the Relief of Suffering (Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza); the most famous picture, children, blessings, at the ballots downtown, eating; second inquisition, last ten years, death; the Capuchin friars; entombed in first resting place, blessed, saint, exhumed, displayed, final resting place in golden crypt; mosaics of the life of Padre Pio, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi; fists class relics with certificates; original painting, original icon.