Speech of Padre Pio on May 5, 1956 for the grand opening of

The House for the Relief of Suffering (01:13)


On the day of the grand opening of the Home for the Relief of Suffering Padre Pio read a statement.

Here you can see and hear him talking in Italian with his Neapolitan accent (this might be the reason for the on screen Italian caption, on the Italian TV).

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Dragging the video to the right side of the screen , you will be able to follow the English translation, sentence by sentence, on the left side of the monitor.



Gentlemen and brothers in Christ

the Home for the Relief of Suffering is completed.

I thank the benefactors from every part of the world,

who have cooperated.

This is the creature that the Providence, helped by you,

has created. I present it to you.

Admire it and bless with me the Lord God.

A seed has been deposed in the dirt

that He will warm up with His rays of love.

A new army made of renounces and love

it's about to stand for the glory of God

and for the comfort of souls and sick bodies.

Don't deprive us of your help. Cooperate to this

apostolate of relief of human suffering

and the Divine charity that has no limits,

and that is the same light of God and of eternal life

will accumulate for each of us

a treasury of graces

of which Jesus made us heirs on the Cross.