The new spectacular church and golden crypt were Padre Pio rests in the peace of the Lord.


In 2004 there was the grand opening of the new church near the convent of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo designed by the architect Renzo Piano.  



















The golden Crypt 


The New golden Crypt were Padre Pio rests, is adorned with the extraordinary and fascinating mosaics

made by Jesuit priest father Marko Ivan Rupnik and his atelier.



The ceiling




I am the Life




The sarcophagi of Padre Pio seen though an opening in the main pillar




The two Seraphic Angels with the wounds.




Benedict XVI visited on June 21, 2009




The three young men in the furnace




Joseph and his brothers in Egypt




Tomb of Padre Pio in the main pillar of the church







The Annunciation





The Crypt



The Capuchin Franciscan Saints 



Mosaics of Padre Pio, Jesus, and Saint Francis   


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