Sidney Corcos, Jerusalem

Hello Cathy and Giuseppe, it is with pleasure that i renew my contact with you Cathy; remember me Sidney Corcos from Jerusalem (The cousin). I received lately via my Aunts Marjory and Norah a page with your family stories amd about yopur amazing visit to the Vatican. Also I found your family site quite interesting colorful and instructive one especially for a genealogist like me. I found it more details about your family that I introduced in my family tree (The Corcos)> Also the Caccioppoli family have an interesting and long history. In the family pictures I could find some familiar faces like my aunts Norah and Stella, the Bizic family and also Edna and Eric Pinto. Soon I will put on the net the family tree so you will be able to situate every one in it. I'll let you know. If you are interested I can send you an article I wrote about the family (did I sent it to you already). I hope Audrey is alright, please send her my best wishes and my love. To you all, all the best. Be in contact, Sidney

Hello, the family tree is on the net with more information and pictures. You are invited to the address:

Any new information or updates and pictures are welcome. All the best. Sidney Corcos