Robert, Mary, Brian, and Laura Caccioppoli in Hicksville, New York, USA.

Brian & Laura Caccioppoli, June 25, 2006


Robert Caccioppoli has been very committed to the research of his ancestors and other Caccioppolis around the world.

He keeps in touch with great enthusiasm with all of them.

He inspired me to come up with a web site.

“Giuseppe I would like to take this opportunity to again thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for our Caccioppoli family.

Your continued research in Massaquano, and the spectacular results, provided a much needed lift to me in an otherwise rough first half of this year.

Your "home page", in particular, has proven to be even more valuable than you could have ever imagined.

Having the fruits of your research just a "mouse click" away for me to study has been invaluable.

I have discovered several more missing links and interesting clues about my family's past.

Closer questioning of some of my relatives gave me more names to compare against your data, yielding many important discoveries.

Several times during the year, as I was talking to other Caccioppoli's about clues that I had found at your home page, people would express amazement over all that you have accomplished.

This family research has touched and stirred more people, in more profound ways, than I think that either of us can imagine.

Your generosity is an inspiration to me and to others, you have set the standard that all present and future Caccioppoli Family historians will have to try to achieve.”


This is the information that Robert has sent to this web site. (Doesn't work well! Please send the information again!)

Robert Caccioppoli sent the following some years ago:


Brian and Laura Caccioppoli, twins of Robert and Mary Caccioppoli, in a picture taken on May 29, 2004


Pictures sent recently:


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