Selina Lisciotto, Sidney, Australia

Hi my name is Selina Lisciotto I am 32 years old. I am 1 of 3 girls from Maryanne Dundas(Caccioppoli). My grandfather was Giulio Caccioppoli.

I live in Sydney Australia and I am 1st cousin to Julian, Andre, Ashley and there are so many others.

Regards, Selina



Bryan Caccioppoli, Hasting, New Zealand

Hi,  My name is Bryan & I live in Hastings, New Zealand.

My father  was Giuseppe Caccioppoli, He came to N.Z. in 1923, with two brothers, Pietro & Natalie.

Their parents were Filomena & Nicola. They were born in Vico Equense.

Dad married Rona Ashworth in Hastings, at R.C.Church in Oct. 1938

They had nine children,3 boys & 6 girls.I am the 2nd eldest,but my elder brother died in 2001

I have had no personal contact with relations in Italy, but some of my cousins have been there,  & met an Antonio Cacc. who is probably a cousin. 

Dad had  an older brother in Italy [1923] that had a family, but his two brothers in N.Z. had no kids.

Dad & his 2 brothers were brought to N.Z. by an uncle, Vincenzo Cacc. ; who had 2 sons, & 3 daughters.  

Giulio & Vincent had 10 sons, & 5 daughters between them, & we all 3 families had fruit orchards. 

Dad died in 1975, but Mum is still alive.      

I have 2 sons & 2 daughters, Raphael [31], is a lawyer in Australia. Phillip [30],& Therese [29], are both married with families in Hastings, &Nadia [26], is single &lives in Hamilton,N.Z.      

I am a Meat Inspector, & work at a Beef Plant that exports beef overseas. I was born 11/3/1944.

I will appreciate any information that might help me to find more about my relations in Italy. Kind regards.  BRYAN


Raphael Caccioppoli, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand: 

"My name is Raphael Caccioppoli. I live in New Zealand.

I would like to find more information about the Caccioppoli Family.

My grandfather Giuseppe Caccioppoli came to NZ in about 1910 with three two of his brothers and an uncle.

His parents names were Nicola Caccioppoli and Philomena Parlata.

Nicola's parents were Antonio Caccioppoli and Rosa Aiello.

Can you help me they are from the Sorrento Area I think. Vico Equense maybe?

Raphael Caccioppoli 35 Ellery Street Ngaruawahia New Zealand”…


Ashley Caccioppoli, Wellington, New Zealand 

“I have just looked at your Caccioppoli home page. Nice!

I'm Ashley Caccioppoli, I live in Wellington New Zealand. Im 22 and was raised in Hawkes Bay.

Please contact me and tell me a bit about your family. Hear from you soon”.


 Andre Caccioppoli, Hamilton, New Zealand. 

“Hi there wow who would have thought there would be a site for the Caccioppoli's.

I am 21 and a 1st cousin of Ashley Caccioppoli (also living in New Zealand).

I am now based in a city called Hamilton doing a science degree majoring in Earth Science.

My Father is Gerard Caccioppoli - Son of Giulio Caccioppoli.

There are a lot of us Caccioppoli's over here in New Zealand and also in Australia where 4 of my Aunty and Uncles are living and have lived for sometime.

I will tell many about your web site and of the others out there..… anyone feel free to email me - - would be really great to one day soon be able to meet other Caccioppoli's from around the world. Keep in contact”


Christina Jorgensen, London, descendant of Vincenzo Caccioppoli


I am Christina Jorgensen and my sister has passed your email address onto me.

I am unsure where she got it from but as I have family in USA she thought I may be interested.

We are descendants of Vincenzo Caccioppoli who was born in 1874 (or thereabouts).

He is entered into the register in Vico Equense but grew up in Massalubrense, Sorrento. 

Please excuse bad spelling of place names.

He joined the Italian navy and on his completion of duty decided to emigrate to New Zealand. 

He bought an orchard in the Hawkes Bay area of the North Island and returned home where he married Angelina Coccurullo who came from Preazzano.

In 1912 he returned to New Zealand with a number of nephews from both sides of the family and became an extremely well thought of and innovative orchardist in New Zealand horticulture.

Vincenzo and Angelina had 5 children:  Giulio (who has 9 children) Rosa (my mother, married name Jorgensen and 4 children)  Elma (catholic nun) Vincenzo (6 children) and Maria (catholic nun ). 

Guilio, Rosa and Vincenzo are deceased but Elma is 82 and Maria 71. My older sister, Anne lives in New Zealand as does my older brother Bill, whilst my younger brother, Stephen lives in Queensland Australia, and I am at present living in London. 

We are all in our 50's. I have visited Oklohoma as my second son lives in Illinois and the first time I came to the States I did a huge trip on Greyhound and very much enjoyed going to Muskogee. 

I am a  nonna as well as my son married an American girl and they have a one 1/2yr daughter.  They live in a very small town out of Peoria called Williamsfield.

If you are interested in our NZ family----there are now over 200 of us I could get a lot more pertinent information for you.  My sister is the acknowledged family historian!!!! Hoping to hear from you in the near future
Christina Jorgensen

Adim and Anne Odogwu, Hasting, New Zealand

Dear Giuseppe, My Mother was born Rosa Elisabeta Margharita Caccioppoli in Hastings, NZ on 5 November, 1916 and died on March 8th this year.

Her Father Vincenzo Caccioppoli was born in Preazzano 1 October 1879, the youngest child of Antonino and Rosa Caccioppoli nata Aela.

Her Mother was Maria Angelina Cocurullo born in the same village.

My Mother was one of 5 children 2 brothers Giulio and Vincenzo and two sisters Elma (Sister Josephine, RSJ) and Maria Caccioppoli.

There is now a very large extended family in New Zealand, though mainly in Hawkes Bay where the climate is more Mediterranean.

I can give you a lot more information if you are interested.Regards, Adim and Anne Odogwu